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Technique TM Saturn is a wide range of products with high technical characteristics at an affordable price. Timely updating of the model range, improvement of design and quality control of Saturn technology allow it to take its rightful place in the market among competitors. Today, Saturn TM products are fully guaranteed for 1-2 years (depending on the product category), and refrigerators and freezers of Ukrainian production are fully guaranteed for 3 years.

The company has a large and well-established dealer network, as well as its own factories in Ukraine. Our first production of semi-automatic washing machines began in 2009 in the city of Kanev. To date, washing machines produced by Kupava Group are still popular among residents of small towns and villages.

After the successful launch of the washing machine project, Kupava Group decided to invest in the development of new categories of household appliances. Subsequently, projects such as the production of electric kettles, food dryers, mixers, fan heaters, meat grinders were launched. Along with small household appliances, Kupava Group decided to invest in the development of large-sized household appliances.

For this purpose, the complex of buildings of the former plant "Strommashina" in Cherkasy was purchased and reconstructed. By the end of 2016, a modern high-tech production complex was built at the base of the old plant, which includes a plant for the production of electric furnaces and convectors, a plant for the production of refrigerators and storage areas. In 2017, production was launched at the KTD Group Company plant.

In 2020 the plant for the production of refrigerators and freezers "KTD Cherkassy" was launched.

The production process covers a full cycle from cutting and forming metal to assembling finished products. The equipment and technological processes correspond to the latest progressive technologies. European components are used in the assembly, which significantly improves the quality of products.

The range of products manufactured in Cherkassy:

Refrigerators, freezers, electric ovens, convectors.

Saturn TM is in stable demand millions of customers from the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania and Latvia have had more than 19 years. For its high technical characteristics and the love of customers, Saturn household appliances have been repeatedly awarded with authoritative awards and prizes, receiving the title – "Industry Leader", "Highest test", "Favorite brand".

Grand Prix "Highest test" in the nomination "Production Quality"

"Favorite of Olympus 2004 – Favorite brand of Ukrainians"

"Brand of the Year – 2005"

"Industry Leader" 2011

"Industry Leader" 2012