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TM SATURN is the official sponsor of the basketball club Cherkassy Monkeys

Do you like sport? We too. Trade mark Saturn" is official sponsor of the basketball club Cherkassy Monkeys is supporting a healthy lifestyle and active kind of sport and drawing among all visitors valuable and useful gifts by Ukrainian production TM "Saturn".

Watch your favorite games and win presents with the label Made in Ukraine from the TM Saturn!

TM Saturn-official partner of the football festival

Brand Saturn became the official partner of the festival in support of the Football National Team of Ukraine on football in the first qualifying match of the World Cup FIFA2018 team against Iceland.

During the football festival will be a concert and meeting with prominent leaders and futbolystamy FFU and raffle gifts (household appliances) among all present spectators TM Saturn! Looking forward to your September 5, 2016 at Trinity Square (m.Olimpiyska). Beginning at 19:00, the broadcast of the match will begin at 21:45.

Every weekday morning at 08:00 Yulia Benkendorf will reveal to you how to transform ordinary food products into real culinary delights and will share with you the secrets of cooking quick and delicious meals for entire family. Do not miss the broadcasts of new series!


Do not miss the most bright and cheerful New Year show from the Vecherniy Quartal studio on the 31-st of December on the 1+1 TV channel. This release and the releases, which will be broadcasted on 19 and 26 of December are sponsored by the TM Saturn. During the broadcast of the show, you will see our sponsorship poster and a short promo of Saturn. We wish you to spend these several Saturdays of the leaving year with joy and pleasure and to celebrate a happy New Year together with Saturn and the 95 Quartal studio.


Trade mark “Saturn” is an official sponsor of the «Cherkasy Monkeys» basketball team, supports a healthy lifestyle and active kinds of sport, draws valuable and useful gifts Saturn among all the visitors. Keep on the game of the Cherkasy Monkeys basketball team, cheer for favorite team and win prizes.

From 8-th till 12-th of October the Festival of air balloons "To the sky again" took place in Kamenetz-Podolsk. TM Saturn became a sponsor of one of the teams.


TM Saturn supported festival summer drinks in the outlet village of Manufacture.
"People cook" - a popular cooking show for anyone who loves to cook. Each program & ndash; an incredible culinary adventure, where everyone can get the title of "People's Chef" and a lot of prizes and gifts. Each contender for the title of "People's chef" to demonstrate their culinary skills and sentenced her signature dish with the help of home appliances TM Saturn. Watch the show "The People's Chef" every Sunday on Channel HTH

TM Saturn is an official sponsor of the Youth Day in Lutsk
During the festival, held greater number of competitions, such as the parade of Volyn brides, student beauty contest, Volyn musical groups contest, as well as everyone had the opportunity to take part in the flashmob. Winners of the competition were awarded prizes from TM Saturn.

TM Saturn is an sponsor of FIFA U-14 UKRAINE IN Sambo. Under the general motto is united Ukraine passed the national championship in sambo among younger boys, who, under the auspices of the National Sambo Federation of Ukraine, held the Odessa Regional Federation of Sambo Sambo Association NFSU and Odessa region. The winners received valuable gifts from sponsors of the championship TM Saturn! konkurs.jpg

TM Saturn is a sponsor cooking show "Cooking together" on the TV channel Inter.
The talented chief Andrey Dromov and showman Andrew Domanskiy every Sunday morning preparing restaurant meals using home appliances TM Saturn. Watch the show "Cooking together" every Sunday on TV channel Inter.

For 10 weeks, we, together with the portal made interim prize drawings and gave gifts - more than 50 of gifts found their owners. Each of the tours we were not lazy to remind you of our super prize, which went to the lucky - TV LED24HD100U. Do not despair if you do not have time to participate and win a prize! There is a lot of interesting draws. Note, now extends draw together with the magazine JOY Ukraine and online store!

TM Saturn is an official sponsor of the Evening Quarter on the TV channel 1+1 konkurs.jpg

The first winners of the drawing has received gifts! Hurry up to take a part in a joint certificate from TM drawing Saturn, online store and magazine JOY!

New promotional video about multicookers TM Saturn

Drawing prizes from TM Saturn Sky in Pink Buy Journal in January Ukraine Pink magazine, looking at the 71st cutting the coupon to be sent to the journal. The winner is determined by the draw. You can become the owner of multicookers, yoghurt makers, blenders or hair straighteners from TM Saturn. Results of the competition are looking for on the site or section "special projects". konkurs.jpg

TM Saturn - general partner of the project from the portal Spasibki. Since the first of February, make purchases in stores-partners of the project "Spasibki" and for each check to get a coupon "spasibki" with a unique code. Registrate "Spasibki" on the website and every week with the help of random numbers generator you have the chance to become the owner of home appliances TM Saturn.

TM Saturn has sponsored the broadcast of the New Year "Evening quarter".

TM Saturn gives gifts active readers "Good advice." Anyone can get a gift, all you need to do to write to the editors their opinions or suggestions for the magazine and a gift can be yours.

TM Saturn - the sponsor of the contest by Playboy. On February 22 in Los Angeles hosted the 87th awards ceremony of the American Academy. In avid moviefans this evening plan is always the same: to watch the ceremony and to speculate as to what names will be performed on stage. You, too, have their forecasts? Share them with Playboy and get the chance to win a gift for a true filmfan Plasma TV Saturn TV LED 42NF 42-inch!

On December 19 at the Inter TV channel were a charity marathon to St. Nicholas Day. During the marathon held an auction in which everyone could buy a vivid impression, such as personal fitness training with leading Alexander Rudnickiy, as well as household appliances TM Saturn. All proceeds went to the purchase of the machine for craniocerebral hypothermia. It is a miracle of medical technology in the first minutes after birth, the baby may help prevent the dreaded disease - cerebral palsy. Such a device has already saved lives and health of thousands of children around the world.

TM Saturn supported art festival "GogolFest", which will take place from 11 to 21 September in Kiev, not far from the subway station Vidubichi. During the festival, each visitor will be able not only to touch the modern Ukrainian art, but will also have the opportunity to communicate with the modern creators. Visit the festival, you can enrich not only the spirit, but try the dishes prepared by culinary virtuosos using household appliances Saturn.

TM Saturn became the sponsor of the two TV Shows
on TV Inter and K1 "House M.D." and "Kremen 2".

TM Saturn became a sponsor of the morning talk show on Inter TV channel "Tasty morning." Every morning you have the opportunity to cook quick, tasty and healthy breakfast together with Dasha Malakhova. Looks together with Saturn show "Tasty Morning" from Monday to Friday at 8.20 on Inter TV channel.

TM Saturn actively supports sport and a healthy lifestyle, sponsored fan zones FIFA 2014 in residential quarter "Novopecherskie Lipki"

More information:

June 12 starts the grandest events in the world of sport - soccer World Cup FIFA 2014. This year the Mundial will be held in Brazil. Direct broadcasts You can view and First National TV Channel, and in between matches to see the new TV commercial from TM Saturn!

In July 2013 in the Inter TV channel started a new cooking show "Summer Kitchen with Dmitry Shepelev", which was sponsored by TM Saturn. See the show "Summer Kitchen with Dmitry Shepelev" every Saturday at 10.00. Among Shepelev friends who prepared their culinary masterpieces using the technique of Saturn, were such celebrities as Svetlana Loboda, Alexander Ponomarev, Victor Bronyuk "TIK" and Angelina Zavalskaya in the next editions cook together with Zlata Ohnevych, Ruslana Pysanka and host of "Eagle and Reshka "- Andrew Bednyakov.

TM Saturn, which is actively supporting the sport and a healthy lifestyle, has become a sponsor of the football team veteran Legion XXI.




Since 2011, TM Saturn is sponsoring the football team only freight forwarding company in the southern region - "Ilyichevskvneshtrans." The team with with dignity represents the Saturn company in many competitions in the Odessa region, taking up prizes!


Saturn Holding became a partner of broadcasting in Ukraine of the 56th Eurovision Song Contest 2011. The competition, which was held in Dusseldorf, Germany, this year was attended by representatives from 43 countries.

Sponsorships on TV

From 1st April 2011 Saturn Holding is a partner of the First National TV channel and one of the main TV advertisers. Packet advertising displays TM Saturn in the First National TV Channel has included sponsorship of programs:



It is easy to be a woman


Karaoke on the Maidan for adults with P. Zibrov


The main thing




Also, TM Saturn is sponsoring other programs on national channels:

"Channel 5" in the program "Motor TV"


"1+1" in the program "Lotto Fun"


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