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Friends, we decided to hold a culinary contest and play 3 Saturn TVs with a diagonal of 32 inches!

In order to take home the TV, you need to make some effort! And repeat the recipe behind us, which is on video! Agree, this is not difficult, besides, you will have the opportunity to eat delicious cookies!

The main condition of our drawing is to make ginger biscuits in the form of the SATURN logo. You can decorate your culinary masterpiece at your own discretion, you can use anything you like, cream, glaze, etc. We decided to decorate our letters with white glaze and add some decorative flowers. Fantasize and experiment as you please.

In order to take part in the drawing you need:

  • prepare the cookies in the form of the Saturn logo and share the photo in the comments under this publication on our official facebook page;
  • like our page;
  • like this post and share it with friends on our page;

We will choose the winner by conducting a randomization on We will spend it three times, excluding those who won!


Friends, we understand that the task is complex, but the gift is not simple, so we have an additional condition. We are not just asking you to distribute this record among your friends, because the number of participants depends on the number of participants, namely, if up to 50 participants participate in the contest - we will play 1 TV, if 50 to 100 - we play 2 TV sets, if the same You will have more than 150 participants - we will play 3 TVs!

So share the record and get more chances to win your prize!

Accept your photos before May 4!

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